HV Sistemas

HV Sistemas is a custom electronics engineering company specialized in the development of Electronic Ground Support Equipment for Space Applications.

HV Sistemas provides EGSEs, SCOEs and Unit Testers for most of the European Space Missions in the past ten years, including Ariane 6, CHEOPS, Euclid, Eurostar-3000/Alphabus, FLEX, METimage, MetOP-SG, MPCV-Orion, MTG, PARIS, PLATO, Proba-3, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-4/UVN, Sentinel-5/UVNS, Seosat/Ingenio, Seosar/PAZ, SPAINSAT-NG and SMILE, among others.

HV Sistemas has a high degree of experience and specialization in Satellite Platform Simulation and Instrument Subsystem Simulation, including real-time and hardware-in-the-loop applications, and including all commonly usedcommunication protocols commonly used in space applications for TMTC and Science Data (like MIL-STD-1553, SpaceWire, SpaceFiber, WizardLink, ChannelLink, CAN, etc).

HV Sistemas S.L.

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